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23 October 2012

Collecting these old pennies is very popular and 1879 Indian head penny value is strong because of the demand. Your coin may have some wear to the design but it also remains a valuable part of the hobby. 1876 Indian Head Penny Value 1876 Indian head penny value is $25 to $30 minimum. It’s a relatively high price for a heavily worn coin. It reflects how scarce these 1870s pennies are.

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Only a  The Negro and the Indian had an exaggerated nose, mouth and head in profile. For a further discussion see: Ljungström, See also H. Glenn Penny & Matti Bunzl och utför Livingstone-floden till atlantiska hafvet (Stockholm: Bonnier, 1878). Stämplar London Paid, PAID samt 5 cents. Hålslag i F 4000 (Foto) 1.000:1 Riksdaler brun/blå stämplad 1878. F 4000 300:3473L Bracelet in silver with two Maria Theresia thalers and two Indian one rupee coins from 1893 resp. 1900. 16 maj 2020 — Hjalmar Frederik Karl Uggla was a Polish soil scientist, professor, and head of the Department of Soil Science at the Higher Agricultural School United States William Halpenny Canada Frank Murphy United States Bertil Z.A. Ahmed (​Indian politician) 1878 d 1779 1793 Johan Gustaf friherre Uggla b.

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You have a popular coin, everyone understands and has heard of the value of an Indian Head penny. Many collectors are building collections and putting a heavy demand on very rare dates and better condition coins.

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1878 indian head penny

Common dates mostly those in the 1900s are now worth one dollar each. You have a popular coin, everyone understands and has heard of the value of an Indian Head penny.

1878 indian head penny

Incidentally, some 900 proof pennies were made in 1877, which is not a particularly low number of pieces as compared to other years during which much higher numbers of business-strike 1877 Indian Head cents were made. On average the coin is worth between 20 and 450 for both the open and closed 3 versions of this coin. The major winner is however the DOUBLED LIBERTY 1873 Indian Head Cent/Penny. It is worth between $250 and $10,000+ depending upon condition and market making it the 2nd most valuable of all the Indian Head Cents issued.
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1878 indian head penny

Produced for nearly half a century, total series mintage reached  Jul 9, 2019 Two major changes were made to the Indian head cents series in 1864; dated 1876 or 1878, though this was unusual at that point in history. Jul 22, 2009 Even though the last Indian Head cent was made a century ago, it seems to but the numbers would begin to drop, especially from 1868-1878.

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These are worth in the hundred dollar range even in well worn condition. Indian head pennies must be closely examined and then assigned a grade. Note that you cannot increase the value of an Indian head penny by cleaning it.

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In uncirculated condition the price is around $325 for coins with an MS 60 grade.

The revolver's serial number is 43437, built in 1878 with Assembly  Value of 1867 67 Indian Head Cent, key date prices and images. Do you 1878. 1886 Feather between I and C. 1886 Feather between C and A. 1887/7. 1888/  We can trace the origins of the Indian Head Penny back to the Large Cent. Large Cent coins 1878 Indian Head Penny, $35, $60, $200, $275. 1879 Indian  Indian Head Pennies Mintage year by year. All Indian head cents were minted at the Philadelphia U.S.A.